Let’s face it…Our healthcare system is far from perfect. Healthcare costs keep climbing, and the United States ranks behind other industrialized nations for life expectancy. Although we lived about eight years longer in 2013 than we did in 1970, this increased trend does not reflect two things. First, our life expectancy gains have slowed down. Second, we may live longer, but not necessarily better. The trends show that our quality of life is declining. We must then ask ourselves:

When was the last time we felt well?

How can such a wealthy nation spend so much money on healthcare without good results?

What are we missing?

Since medical school, I have dedicated as much time as possible to study not only the standard of care in medicine, but also other medical models that contribute to good health. I’m Board Certified in Family Medicine, and I had additional training in psychiatry. I’m also Board Certified in Medical Acupuncture, a discipline that trains medical doctors in the field of acupuncture. I continued to explore other major branches of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture is only one of five), and have dedicated the last five years to studying qigong. Through my integrated studies and clinical experience, I witnessed recurring patterns that were impossible to ignore. It turns out that solutions to good health are much simpler than ever imagined!

What I first learned about health is that emotions play an enormous part. In Chinese medicine, the roots of most internally caused mental and physical disease stem from the negative emotions. Not necessarily by having them, but how long we hold on to an emotion like anger, sadness, worry, or fear. It doesn’t matter how much we exercise or pay attention to healthy food trends if these negative emotions still dwell inside us. Other important health factors include proper breathing, good sleep, mindful eating, living with the seasons, and listening to what our bodies tell us. Nagging symptoms may actually be messages or loving reminders. We may nod “yes” that we already know this, but the secret to good health can be summed up into one phrase, “Slow down or life will do it for you.”

This is where qigong, nutrition, and lifestyle changes can help. Chinese Medicine is so much more than acupuncture. It’s a culmination of thousands of years of observation of patterns and rhythms of the natural world. We are little ecosystems that can live harmoniously with nature or develop illnesses when we stray from it. When we build strength in the mind, body and spirit, health is the result. This proactive approach can seem so different from the Western medical model of attacking disease like killing bacteria or eradicating cancer. But both East and West can coexist and complement each other.

Health by Your Design reflects my mission to teach and inspire all of us to uncover our innate healer within, to rediscover the rhythm of healthy living, to simplify our approach to health, and to live life in harmony and happiness. Workshops and classes cover not only qigong forms for certain health conditions, but also nutrition and concepts in Chinese Medicine that can be applied to daily life. We can do this while still using helpful tools from Western medicine.

I challenge all of you to rethink what health really means and how to achieve it.
Health can be a simple journey.
It starts with listening to your heart.
Discover how powerful you really are.