Spring and Summer Workshops for 2018. Mark your calendars!

1,000 Hands Buddha Qigong
Sunday, May 6, 2018, 1-5 pm
Portland, OR (Tabor Space, SE Portland)

Jade Leaves Qigong
Thursdays, May 17 and 31, 2018, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Portland, OR (Tabor Space, SE Portland)

Eight Treasures Qigong
Thursdays, Jun 14, 21, and 28, 2018, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Portland, OR (Tabor Space, SE Portland)

Coming Soon in 2018!

Celestial Pillar Qigong 

Living Chinese Medicine, Part 1: Yin Yang and 5-Element Theories

Jade Leaves Qigong – for Eye and Liver Health — Modern living results in excessive depletion of Qi through the eyes, resulting in physical and mental diseases. According to Chinese medical theory, the eyes represent the Shen, or consciousness, of a person, and are also associated with the liver. Jade Leaves qigong is a seated form involving acupressure massage, meditation, and hand gestures. It helps improve and prevent eye diseases, benefits related organs, releases internalized anger and anxiety, and detoxifies the mind and body from harmful effects of screen time in the digital age.

8 Treasures Qigong – Build Bone Strength, Tendon Flexibility, Emotional Balance — Also known as Ba Duan Jin, Eight Treasures Qigong is one of the oldest forms of Qigong, dating back to the early 12th century. The eight routines in this form are designed to build bone strength, flexible tendons, and emotional balance.

Celestial Pillar Qigong — This very special form helps strengthen and boost your upright Yang Qi (the energy that give you that spring in your step), which gives a critical foundation for vibrance and vitality. The rapid pace of the modern world depletes our Yang Qi and places us at risk for chronic fatigue and other diseases. Come learn how you can practice a form that builds strength, immunity, and makes you feel younger!

Living Chinese Medicine, Part 1: Yin Yang and 5-Element Theories — Discover why acupuncture and qigong are such powerful tools for your health. There are fundamental pillars of Chinese Medicine that support the process: Yin Yang, 5-Elements, Organ, and Channel theories. You will learn about how Yin Yang and 5 Elements play a critical role in understanding our health and the world around us. These models are the gel that unifies and simplifies our path to vitality and wellness.

I have experienced Qi-Gong practice for over 10 years, from different Masters. Your workshop was easy to follow, understand and practice. This was a profound experience for me.
In gratitude,
Ginger Carter

At the end of 1,000 Hands Qigong, I looked in the mirror before leaving the building. Imagine my surprise when I saw a vibrant and relaxed me! Dr Barbara de la Torre’s training was insightful, educational, and relaxing. I learned useful movements for improving my health that I can perform as I age, and this will benefit me for the rest of my life!

Clara Alexander

I’ve done a lot of energy work over the years and have been amazed and delighted by the transformations I’ve made in Barbara’s walking Qi Gong class. Each week I was met with a warm welcoming smile and a comfortable safe atmosphere.  Each class was life-altering having many insights,and feeling great after.   I have recommended Barbara’s class to my clients and everyone I know who is looking for some deep, meaningful and truly transforming work.  Big hugs and a ton of gratitude to you, Barbara.

Deborah Romero

Reiki Master