About Barbara de la Torre


Photo of Barbara de la Torre

Barbara de la Torre is an experienced physician, artist, writer, and educator. She is board certified in Family Medicine and Medical Acupuncture, and she has extensive training in Chinese medicine, Qigong, Urgent Care, and Psychiatry. For years, she has cultivated right and left-brained interests to deliver integrative healthcare in a style tailored for compassionate and individualized care. Dr. de la Torre approaches every patient encounter with a clean slate of curiosity. She believes that every person has an incredible story and a purpose.

Dr. de la Torre lectures on a new creative approach to healthcare, and is committed to empowering people to tap into their own healing potential. She provides group classes and workshops as well as individual qigong instruction.

“Health can be a simple journey. It starts with listening to your heart.

–Barbara de la Torre, MD

Dr. de la Torre was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in the United States. She is both English and Spanish speaking. She continues to pursue interests in writing and the visual arts, and she loves to hike in the Northwest.