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What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) is moving, breathing and stretching for health and vitality. Its origins date back to over 5,000 years ago in China, and this branch of Chinese Medicine evolved into thousands of forms that are now being made available to the public over the last 50 years. Medical, or Healing, Qigong is a major branch that focuses on restoring and maintaining good health. Each form was developed to address certain health conditions or goals. The word qigong means “the cultivation of Qi (chee),” which is defined as the energy that sustains life. If we can learn to harness the power of Qi, we can tap into our own self-healing potential.

Next Qigong Workshops: Jade Leaves

Jade Leaves Qigong – for Eye and Liver Health — Modern living results in excessive depletion of Qi through the eyes, resulting in physical and mental diseases. According to Chinese medical theory, the eyes represent the Shen, or consciousness, of a person, and are also associated with the liver. Jade Leaves qigong is a seated form involving acupressure massage, meditation, and hand gestures. It helps improve and prevent eye diseases, benefits related organs, releases internalized anger and anxiety, and detoxifies the mind and body from harmful effects of screen time in the digital age.

Dr. Barbara de la Torre teaches healing forms of qi gong that are energizing, soothing and healing.  She taught me a form for my eyes that I practiced regularly before surgery on my left eye and afterward.  My eye doctor was surprised by how quickly my eye healed.  Qigong is a powerful energy medicine and Dr. de la Torre is a sensitive and caring teacher. Being a former acupuncture patient of Dr. Barbara de la Torre benefited me in several ways.  Specifically, she helped resolve a long standing constipation and digestion issue in only a few sessions with acupuncture and a few dietary recommendations.  Dr. de la Torre is one of the most caring, thorough and competent medical people I’ve met in my 69 years on earth.

Clara Alexander